Mayday Run 2019

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Client Video

Project Brief

A Short Promo video that I made for Mayday 2019 to capture what it is like to be at the event in person. The sound, Smell, The incredible amount of bikes and people. On the 6th of may Me and 2 of my friends headed down to Hastings to capture footage of mayday for the event organisers for not only some promo videos but for future use on next years event. While we was there one of my friends was capturing a BTS (Behind the Scenes) Vlog on how we go about shooting such an event. The goal was to capture some really unique & dynamic shots to add that "wow" factor to whatever we decided to use the footage for while making sure it stays true to what you would see if you attended the event yourself.

Shoot Info

Client: Bike1066

Gear: Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro | XEEN Prime EF lenses

Date: 6th May 2019

Type: Events

Behind The Scenes